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Originally from South Africa Mike now lives in Newquay, Cornwall and his up bring has had a heavy influence on his subject matter. As well as his use of vivid colours, Mike has 35yrs of surfing experience including 15yrs competing as a professional. It was while competing on the European tour his love for art come flooding back and he picked up the brush.


He is mainly a portrait artist with his subject matter taken from events that happen in everyday life, death, war, love and hate. With a great propensity for detail and capturing the essence of the truth of the moment it happens, Mike deliverers us a window from which to view things we may never otherwise see.


He made the top 100 watercolour artists in the UK, a competition held by the Sunday Times Royal Watercolour Society. Surprisingly, up until this point Mike had never painted in watercolour and has no formal art training, but is a member of the Discerning Eye and continues to exhibit his work year after year.


Recently all of his art was exhibited at a private viewing in the Bank side gallery in London.  You can find his latest exhibition "Finding Santosha" the search for the perfect wave, at Belushis, Newquay on Saturday 13 April 2013.



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